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Half Zip- Albion Fit, Leggings-Albion Fit, Sneakers-APL

One aspect that I don’t talk about much here on the blog is my dedication to fitness.  I was always the girl who enjoyed a light workout but wasn’t the girl who got crazy into a lot of the fads. I never embraced cycling, zumba, or anything really too loud and obnoxious.  Then, about 15 years ago I stumbled onto Pilates. A good friend at the time nudged me to go and I signed up for a 6:30am class.  Ok, so the 6:30am was crazy.  At the time, I had a toddler at home and knew that would be the only time I would have to workout before my husband left for work. Despite the crazy time I discovered how much I liked it.  There was a time a few months into starting Pliates that I pulled my husband aside one day and said I was really worried.  He, of course replied with “what honey?”.  I took his hand and placed it on my stomach and said do you feel that? Motioning to the rift in my stomach.  Thinking I had some tumor.  He laughed out loud. And said  “love you don’t have a tumor, that’s a stomach muscle”.  Never before did I have abs, and as my body was transforming I didn’t even realize.  That’s the beauty in Pilates!

Fast forward 15 years and I still love it.  I try to go at least twice a week but, you know, sometimes life gets crazy.  Over the years I have had to take small breaks every now and then but it’s always the form of exercise I come back to.  When going to the studio I look for special pieces to wear.  I tend to favor similar styles and recently decided it was time to update a few pieces so I checked out Albion Fit.  They not only carry a wide variety of fitness wear like the half zip and leggings in today’s post,  but gorgeous swimwear as well.  I adore the half zip style.  It’s always so cozy and love the special thumb hole sleeves.  Depending on the weather, I sometimes wear a sports bra under it or tank version so if I’m warm I can remove the top.  Not only did I do pilates in my gear the day we shot these but ran errands afterwards.  If your looking to replace some worn out pieces in your wardrobe I highly recommend you give these a try.  Albion Fit has generously agreed to offer a special discount to my readers on their site now until February 13th.

Use the code “IFTHECHOOFITS” for 15% off.

A special thanks to Albion Fit for collaborating on this post!

Thanks for reading! Happy Shopping!



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